L’Envers du Passage

Marin Kasimir
Frédéric Migayrou
Fabien de Cugnac

Leporello (accordion book) 22 cm x 22 cm closed and 18.28 metres opened and unfolded.
Panoramic shot of 4,680° (13 complete turns) on the night of December 31st 1999 to January 1st 2000
on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, from the Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe.
From the left to the right of the picture, from the first to the last page, 17 hours have passed, 1,828 km covered and an unfolded book of 18.28 metres

La Verrière – Fondation Hermès – Brussels 2000

Artist : Marin Kasimir
Text : Frédéric Migayrou
Computer Graphic : Fabien de Cugnac / Atelier d’image
Backlight Printing : Atelier d’image Fabien de Cugnac S.A.
Book Printing : Salto
Éditions Jean-Michel Place, Paris