Some History . . .


“Family Houses”

In symbiosis with Nicolas d’Ursel :

Decoration of the eighty rooms of the Alfred Sommier Hotel in Paris

Room 315


Ceria Metro Station, Brussels

Project by Marin Kasimir with some complicity and skills from Fabien de Cugnac

Metro station Ceria – Coovi, Brussels


Millennium transition, participation in the work of Marin Kasimir


Calcutta : Architectural Photographs for the Atelier d’image
in collaboration with François Loze


Galerie Fabien de Cugnac

55, Rue de Livourne, Bruxelles

Bram Bogart, Jacques Charlier, Walter Swennen, Mark Luyten, William Sweetlove, …


Vivarium d’Art Actuel

14, Cirkelstraat, Oostende

Jacques Charlier, William Sweetlove, Walter Swennen, Mark Luyten, Fabrizio Plessi, Ernesto Tatafiore, Luigi Ontani, Janusz Haka, Cherry Pickles, Anne Dykmans, Antoinette Francotte, Alain Lyon, …

Ci-dessous, “Six artistes californiens” en collaboration avec Zaira Mis